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About Simprolit

SIMPROLIT is extremely light building material, and it has by far the best thermic characteristics in concrete class. SIMPROLIT is a patent-protected compound of expanded granules of polystyrene, Portlant-cement and additives.

Simprolit is an ecologically clean material, an exceptionally good thermo-insulation, a fireproof material, an excellent soundproofing material, a first-class durability material, it does not absorb moisture, it is highly bio-resistant. Physical and mechanical properties are in comformity with standard GOST R 51263-99 (polystyrene-concrete).



Production of all Simprolit elements is in conformity with standard
"TY 5741-001-52775561-00-00" GOST R 51263.99;
the basic raw material is "SIMPROLIT" polystyrene-concrete, of an original composition with company's additions, and elements are patent-protected.

Simprolit structure elements considerably reduce building costs of industrial, residential, sports, country and other structures, and at the same time considerably improve their thermic characteristics.


Simprolit products

Our products includes: thermo-insulation facade panels, blocks for outer walls, blocks for partition walls and facade casing, pre-fabricated partition wall panels, insulation panels, floor and roof slabs ...

We have many years experience in construction

Simprolit building system is distinguished by its unique combination of: quality - excellent thermo-insulation - durability - good sound proofing - good humidity resistance - frost resistance - sufficient light-weightiness - correspondence with all fireproofing requirements - economy.




Awards and patents

are the result of long years of work in the field of modern construction


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About Simprolit system works best show many constructed buildings, houses, halls, roads and other objects, for private persons and for big companies
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